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Unlock your phone

Unlocking a phone is often necessary when your handset is locked to another service provider. Perhaps you've just finished your contract, or perhaps you've been given your phone by someone else and it's locked to a different network?

That's where Unlockapedia can help, here you can find free, impartial advice to help you unlock your phone.

Some phones can be unlocked for free, and others may need to be unlocked by an expert unlocker - either way Unlockapedia can help you. Simply select your make and model from the dropdown above and we will tell you whether there's a free way to unlock your mobile phone.

Don't forget to tell us about your Unlocking experience by leaving a comment and rating to help other members identify the best Unlocking Services for them.

For general unlocking queries you can also visit the Unlocking FAQ section, or ask our friendly community.

unlocking services rated

Provider Rating Price Time To Unlock*  
MyPhoneUnlockCodes Varies Varies Learn More
Mobileunlockcodes Varies Varies Learn More
O2 £15.00 7 days Learn More
Orange £20.00 7 days Learn More
Vodafone £19.99 24 hours Learn More
Virgin Mobile £15.00 N/A Learn More
Three £0.00 N/A Learn More
T-Mobile £20.42 20 days Learn More
Tesco Mobile £20.00 N/A Learn More Varies Varies Learn More
Foneszone Varies Varies Learn More
Unlocks Varies Varies Learn More
UnlockData Varies Varies Learn More
Official Unlock Codes Varies Varies Learn More
*The times listed for networks are based on their maximum stated figures.