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What is P2P?

Peer-2-Peer (P2P) financing is exactly what it implies - one person lending to another without a bank getting in the way.

We've teamed up with RateSetter, a leading P2P lending organisation, they do the clever bit - matching people with some spare cash with people like you who want to buy a phone over time. Because it all happens online and there are no banks involved costs are kept to a minimum - meaning you and the lender both get a great deal.

About peer2peer

Our philosophy

We don't believe in unfair mobile contracts, that's why we have worked in collaboration with our members to give them a better and fairer network to keep them connected. Taking the meaning of our name to heart - our monthly payment option reflects this gusto for mutuality.

Giving our members the option to pay for their phone, separately from their monthly goodybag, over a selectable period of time with P2P is a new way to do mobile that is flexible and affordable.

What this means to you

You'll be able to select your initial payment and the duration of your payments starting at 6 to 24 months. You will also have the peace of mind knowing your loan is provided by RateSetter.

Our philosophy

Safe and sound

To protect the lender, RateSetter borrowers are soft credit searched (which has no impact on their credit score) to ensure that everyone has shown a history of good credit and can afford their loan. To find out more please visit

Safe money

P2P in the media

Banking may be on the cusp of an industrial revolution. This is being propelled by technology on the supply side and the financial crisis on the demand side. The upshot could be the most radical reconfiguration of banking in centuries.
- Andy Haldane, WIRED

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The truth though is that P2P represents a revolution not an evolution: a return to the oldest form of direct savings and loan banking. The sector has a way to go to establish itself as a genuine alternative to the banking system . . . P2P Finance has a big part to play.
- Rhydian Lewis, New Business

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Until recently the notion of being able to lend and borrow to strangers online appealled only to an adventurous minority. But the social lending revolution is gathering pace . . . those seeking loans are offered more attractive terms than are typically available from the high street institutions.
- The Scotsman

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