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Pay monthly customers on O2 can unlock their phone at any time free of charge. What they require is for you to honour the remainder of your contract.

Pay as You Go customers can unlock their phones for a one-off £15 charge deducted from their balance.

The only limitation imposed is on O2 exclusive handsets (some Palm models, for example) as they want to ensure their customers have the "best Smartphone experience".
It'll take up to 14 days for O2 to unlock your handset.

To unlock your handset on O2 you have two options: you can either ring their customer service number or do it via an online form. Contact details can be found below

Pay monthly: 202 from an O2 phone or 08702410202.
Pay-and-go: 4445 from an O2 phone or 08705678675.

Now, if you're on giffgaff or want to join us - you don't need to unlock your O2 phone, just pop your SIM card in and it should work fine!

Visit O2 for more information on how to unlock