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Hi... it's time to 'untether'

(Your internet access has been blocked for 30 minutes, so you can do this.)

You are currently using your Mobile Internet Allowance in a way that suggests you are tethering to a non-mobile phone device. (Like a Tablet or a PC.)

We're dedicated to preventing such 'illegitimate usage' as it goes against the terms and conditions of our unlimited internet goodybag plans.

We are therefore blocking your internet access for a period of 30 minutes. This gives you time to 'untether' (ie. to undo any connection between your mobile phone and another device), before continuing your use of the internet through giffgaff.

And If you believe you're using your data allowance in a way that's entirely consistent with our terms and conditions, and have been blocked in error, please contact an agent to raise your case.

Thank you,

The giffgaff team

Please know that tethering is available with our 'limited internet' goodybags and gigabags (aka Tablet PC and Dongle plans). So, once you are reconnected, we invite you to find out more about our offer, our terms and conditions, and/or about what we consider to be 'illegitimate usage'.