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Run by your Ideas


Our members play the most important role developing and shaping giffgaff into what it is and where it's going. Not only do our members do a great job of running the forums, inspiring the community, and generally spreading the good word of giffgaff far and wide, they've also given us our best ideas, from how they want their mobile network run, to what they want in the future.

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Last Ideas Implemented

  • Sub £10 goodybag (with data)
    Live since: 14 MAY 2013
    A very popular idea in our forums was to introduce a lower than £10 value goodybag with data. From mid MAY 2013 our members will be able to buy a £7.50 goodybag with 200 minutes, unlimited texts and 250MB.
    Inspired by: joepowell3, fiendishlyclever
    Threads discussing this topic: 1
  • Activation via Mobile
    Live since: 14 MAY 2013
    With mobile growing to become the most important channel, we needed to make it easier for everyone to activate their SIM via their device.
    Inspired by: mwhapples, annafii, revomutharock
    Threads discussing this topic: 1

Ideas already implemented

  • Return of the queued goodybag
    Live since: 06 NOV 2012
    One of the most popular ideas to bring back the queued goodybag experience.
    Inspired by: jon889, roypaleface, brulaw, solid247
    Threads discussing this topic: 1
  • Recurring goodybag
    Live since: 24 JUN 2012
    On top of the community ideas list was auto renewing (recurring) goodybags.
    Inspired by: fusionblue, pulkit1990, jaysinha
    Threads discussing this topic: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • BlackBerry add-on
    Live since: 01 FEB 2012
    Our all time top idea voted by our community was for giffgaff to offer BlackBerry services. It has taken a while but we are now proud supporters of BIS.
    Inspired by: ssingh
    Threads discussing this topic: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Data only gigabags
    Live since: 20 OCT 2011
    One of the most popular community ideas was for us to have a range of data only goodybags which could be used on tablets and dongles. In October 2011 we came up with our range of gigabags.
    Inspired by: geekonthepc
    Threads discussing this topic: 1
  • Mobile friendly giffgaff for top-ups
    Live since: 17 MAY 2010
    Although many members had succesfuly managed to top-up from their phone by credit / debit card, the experience was always been far from ideal. we took action and developed
    Inspired by: silentwol
    Threads discussing this topic: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
  • The price of our base rate for mobile Internet
    Live since: 04 JUL 2011
    giffgaff had free mobile Internet outside goodybags. Our community has always been aware that at some point we would be implementing charges for mobile Internet and we wanted to know what pricing they thought was fair.
    Inspired by: englishbeer, andydeakin, jonmd, alternative, jonmd, zuberb, sausageandbun, trick202, gobelge, paul_shirley, jadsie, ragnorak, vandeen, kaz, phil58
    Threads discussing this topic: 1, 2, 3, 4

  • Your own SIM order page
    Live since: 25 NOV 2010
    A few members suggested to allow users to promote giffgaff via Social Media or their personal pages using an affiliate link. This is now a reality with the member URL. We also implemented a counter of SIM Orders and Activations under Your recruits.
    Inspired by: clongbottom, adamboutcher
    Main threads discussing this topic: 1, 2
  • The ability to turn off balance (USSD) messages off
    Live since: 15 SEP 2010
    Every time a user makes a call or sends a text, giffgaff sends them a free message letting them know how much credit they have remaining. A few members mentioned they don't need those messages, so we are implementing the option to stop them if you don't find them useful.
    Inspired by: simon69c, redianart, dload
    Threads dicussing this topic: 1, 2
  • The new £20 goodybag
    Live since: 06 SEP 2010
    Our members thought it would be great to have a £20 goodybag to suit their budgets, as some need more minutes than our £15 goodybag offers. We listened and launched a £20 goodybag with 2,000 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited mobile Internet.
    Inspired by: englishbeer, xpz393, tobyriding, ragnorak
    Main threads discussing this topic: 1, 2, 3
  • Developing giffgaff apps
    Live since: 20 JUL 2010
    Some of the ideas have been developed directly by our members like our giffgaff apps for Nokia and iphone. Big thanks to jack17938 and confidence.
    Inspired & created by: jack17938, confidence
    Main threads discussing this topic: 1
  • Making the forums accessible for Mobile browsing
    Live since: 07 JUL 2010
    Some members mentioned that they found it difficult to browse the giffgaff forums on some mobile phones so, following their suggestion, we created a mobile friendly forum.
    Inspired by: boneymc, sloz
    Main threads discussing this topic: 1, 2
  • Ability to top-up via Cash Vouchers
    Live since: 06 MAY 2010
    When giffgaff launched, the only way you could top-up was online by credit / debit card. Our members thought it would be useful to give them the option to use top-up vouchers. They wanted it... so we gave it to them.
    Inspired by: daveysludge
    Main threads discussing this topic: 1, 2

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