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Our ethics


We think beyond our four walls (actually seven-ish, our office is kinda eccentric like that) to include our members and community. We see ourselves as being a part of a bigger picture, which is why we take the meaning of our name, giffgaff means mutual giving, to heart in all that we do.

Waste not


We like this home of ours and we want to make sure future giffgaff members can experience it the same way we do now. We're not claiming we're going to save the world, but we firmly believe in doing our part. For example, we're online only. We don't do wasteful shops or excessive call centres. We also recycle unfixable handsets that arrive in our repair centre.

Spread giffgaff

sim We believe in rewarding members who go the extra mile to raise their giffgaff flag. It's simple. Spread giffgaff by sending SIM cards to your friends or lend a helping hand to members on our forum and we'll say thanks with Payback points - which you can then use as airtime credit, convert to cash or donate to charity.

Helping hand


We try to do our part to make the world a better place by helping charities and support causes selected by our members. Every Payback period (bi-annually) our members can chose to donate their points - which we then convert to cash. Learn more about the charities we have recently supported here

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