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giffgaff goodybags

Our goodybags are SIM only plans designed to help you get the bundles of data, minutes and texts to suit your monthly usage. Select your plan below - this lasts for one month and you can easily swap between deals at the end of the month if you require a larger or smaller allowance.

SIM only deals and plans are designed for people who have a phone and want to keep using it, but no longer want to be tied into a contract. By joining giffgaff you can choose the monthly plan to suit your usage and are free to change your bundle each month, or leave at any time should you wish.
In addition to the monthly allowance of data, texts and minutes, we offer free calls and texts to other giffgaff members, provided you top up and least once every three months. Our goodybags are for use in mobile phones only, should you need a SIM only deal for your tablet, check out our gigabags page.

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BlackBerry Plans work with most BlackBerry devices and give you access to services like BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), BlackBerry e-mails and BlackBerry Internet. If you have a BlackBerry 10 device, then you can use these services without buying a BlackBerry Plan, so take a look at our standard goodybags.

Our gigabags are SIM deals designed specifically for your tablet, iPad or dongle. Packed with data, these mobile internet deals offer you all the data you need with the flexibility to tether to other devices.

These dongle, tablet and iPad deals are designed to be used if you already have a device that requires a SIM but don’t currently have a provider for mobile internet. In addition to allowing you to connect other devices through your dongle or tablet for internet connection (tethering) you can connect to your data on the move. Because our gigabags are SIM only deals, you can change them each month, and are not tied in to any long contracts.

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Traffic Flow applies to unlimited data goodybags. For more information click here

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