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4G is coming to giffgaff

giffgaff 4G

Mega-fast email, browsing and downloading is coming to the mobile network run by you. But before you start surfing the web and sharing your photos at lightning speed, you will need the gear to make it all happen.

Should I be excited?

Totally. 4G will change the way you use your phone with our fastest download and upload speeds ever. 4G speeds will vary depending on demand and location, but we are expecting to offer 5x faster downloads compared to 3G. That means less buffering on YouTube, more gaming on the go and faster access to music next time you want to boogie.

Speed expectations based on Ofcom Report. 4G service will be available in selected areas with 4G coverage when we launch it. 4G speed will vary depending on location and number of people using the service. 4G device and goodybag required.

4G is coming, it's time to get prepared. Just follow these 3 steps.

Get in the zone

First things first - you will need to be in the 4G zone. Click on the button below and enter your postcode to check your coverage. No need to worry if you're out of the 4G zone, UK coverage is expanding on a regular basis. Check back with us soon, but in the meantime:

  • Check your coverage at work or school
  • View coverage in other areas in the UK
  • Blue means good coverage indoors and outdoors, beige indicates outdoor coverage only.
  • Check my coverage

Get the 4G SIM

You will need a 4G SIM to connect to our 4G network. If your current SIM has 4Ggg printed on the back, you're ready to connect. Still not sure?

  • Use our SIM lookup tool via your giffgaff account
  • Have a 3G SIM? Learn more about swapping it for a 4G SIM here
  • Visit our community 4G guide

Find your 4G phone

Every 4G SIM needs a home inside a 4G ready phone. Check out our lineup from Samsung, Sony, HTC and below, or if you already have an unlocked 4G ready phone, just make sure you have the latest software installed and you'll be ready to connect.

giffgaff 4G

Ready, set, go

You are now ready to connect to our 4G network. If you have any questions or problems, head over to the giffgaff community - our friendly members will be happy to help.